Chambers Square Digital Billboard


Chambers Square Digital Billboard is part of a new trend in advertising. Located in a bustling area of Newark, the Billboard is highly visible, having been placed at a 2nd story level. At this intersection, there are a lot of pedestrians and vehicles proceed at a slower pace. These factors allow for greater audience attention to displays featuring your products and services.

The digital billboard is a very dynamic and efficient sales medium as viewers eagerly anticipate which display comes next.

Chambers Square Digital Billboard is located in the heart of the Ironbound, facing east on Ferry Street. It is adjacent to restaurants, banks, supermarkets, laundromats, clinics and a post office. Ferry Street leads to route 280, I-95,1&9 and is also served by Bus 1 of Newark.

The Ironbound is an important tourist destination because of its multicultural cuisine and shops. It is also home to the Portugal Day and Brazilian Day Parades; each attracting over 100,000 people to weekend-long street fairs and festivities. Newark Penn Station, Prudential Center (NJ Devils Hockey), NJPAC (Performing Art Center), RedBulls Soccer Arena, Rutgers University, Seton Hall Law School, NJIT, UMDNJ and downtown Newark are all within walking distance of the Chambers Square Digital Billboard.

Total EOI (Weekly EYES-ON Impression) 203,000 views*

DEC (Daily Effective Circulation): 5,000 Cars**

Newark New Jersey Outdoor

Welcome to the Heart of the Ironbound, Newark, NJ



8 Seconds


1 spot every 3 minutes

1 spot every 1 minute

New Jersey Billboard

Location: 264 Ferry St., Newark, NJ 07105

Newark Ironbound Billboard